no power in the 'verse can stop me.

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Marshall University - Huntington WV (2006 present)
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Have we gone too far? Have we forgotten?

i stan for:
Vampire Diaries
Kristen Stewart
Pride and Prejudice
James McAvoy
Tomb Raider/Lara Croft
The Secret Circle
i can has backpart? i can has peach? im in ur white flannel trousers walkin on ur beach have heard mermaids singing each in each i do not think they say o hai to me. by T.S. Elliot and weds I'm a PA. The Pepper Potts to a Tony Stark. Except he's gay and as such does not seriously hit on me. My life is, therefore, interesting as a standard.</td>
Lorem Ipsum. Because senseless Latin is amazing.

My name is Becca.

I'm a simple girl. Except when I'm not.

i'm currently in transition.

(no i do not have a damn clue what that means.)

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i like pie.

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